The flex Brigade

The Flex Brigade is dedicated to supporting restaurants for short periods ranging from three months up to longer durations. Our clientele typically requires additional chefs during peak seasons or interim coverage while they seek to fill permanent vacancies. Some establishments find it advantageous to have a flexible brigade to bolster their team year-round.

As a Chef de Partie in our Flex Brigade, adaptability is key. We expect you to quickly acclimate to new environments and situations. Our primary goal is to assist our clients by promptly filling their staffing needs for both short-term and extended periods.

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  • Working close to Amsterdam

    Most of our jobs are in Amsterdam or one of the cities close to Amsterdam.

  • Competitive salary

    We are happy to advise which salary suits the job description.

  • Peace of mind

    We’ll assist you in setting up everything and ensure that all necessary documents are in place for you to start working.

  • Without worries

    Join the team! Don’t worry as a team member you will meet other chefs and they are happy to help fellow chefs finding their way.

Work as a chef de partie in our flex brigade.

The majority of positions available in the Hobat Flex Brigade are for the Chef de Partie role. These positions are primarily located in Amsterdam and nearby cities such as Haarlem, Leiden, Hoofddorp, and Den Haag. Contracts typically have a minimum duration of three months, and we’re delighted to offer housing solutions for our recruits.

Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with detailed information about the available positions for the upcoming period.

About Hobat
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