Matching chefs and restaurants

We are always searching for the best match between a chef and a restaurant. We like to find out what thrives a chef, what are your strengths, what makes you happy, what would be your next step? Then we learn the identity of a restaurant, what is the style, what is the vision, what do they need? Only when we know what is important to both can we make the strongest connections.

About Hobat
Through Hobat you can hire chefs for your restaurant, hotel or bar.
  • An adventure in Europe

    When you start working abroad every job will be a new adventure.

  • Competitive salary

    We are happy to advise which salary suits the job description.

  • Short and long terms.

    We help mediate job contracts from 4 months up to one year.

  • Without worries.

    Tell us what you want. Sit back and relax till we come back to you.

Matching great jobs with great chefs across Europe.

At Hobat, we believe in an international working field. This way the chefs learn new styles, recipes, and cultures. Restaurants also learn a lot from every new chef and are able to fill their menus with exciting new dishes.

About Hobat
Hobat will help you find the right chefs for your kitchen vacancies

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