About Hobat

Hobat was founded to help restaurants continue to operate! There has been difficulty to find Chefs in their own restaurants and that is why Pim and Roel decided to start recruiting full time. When recruiting full time, we found out there are enough chefs looking for relocation and ready for a new job! Cooks like to tell us what they’re looking for. It will not cost them a dime and they can sit back, relax and let us do the work. We will only introduce them to job opportunities matching their wishes.Then we look for restaurants with a good vibe, style and culture. When we are positive about both the Chef and the restaurant, that’s the time to make the best possible match. Thats why our system works!

It’s not only about working at Hobat. We like to drink coffee in your restaurant or invite you to ours! We have hobbies and we care about society. Inspired by others like Patagonia, we invest 2% of Hobats revenue into social projects we adore.

Our Team

Meet the team! At Hobat we like to work, we like to play around and we like to contribute. Every team member has its own personality. That’s why everyone can choose what is important to her/him to contribute to. Every employee got the chance to use two working hours a week for volunteering purpose. Like to see what we do? Check our socials.

Pim - Working in the kitchen for Hobat.

Pim Hoogervorst


Roel - Hobat

Roel Hoogervorst


Bart Hoogervorst - Marketing

Bart Hoogervorst

Digital marketing

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