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How does it work?

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More information:

Working for Hobat 

We are looking for chefs from all levels. So are you a chef with loads of experience or did you just graduate from culinary school? We can find a job for every level and for every culinary background. Please read the profiles below and see if we are a match

So how does it work? This is an overview of the steps we will take:

  • Fill out the application form by clicking this Link
  • We will check your CV and get back to you within a few days
  • We will have an interview by phone, FaceTime or whatever feels right for you
  • We will check the references you’ve given us
  • We will find a suitable restaurant where you could work. Based on your skills, experience, specialization or other criteria.
  • We will provide you with details about the potential match – if you accept we go further
  • We will help arrange everything for your arrival to the Netherlands (paperwork, housing, etc.)
  • You will arrive to the Netherlands – have some time to settle in
  • You have your first day at your new job in the Netherlands.


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More information:


  • You are a graduated cook or have experience in kitchen work
  • You speak and understand English
  • You can work in a team and work alone
  • You can check the quality of products
  • You are excited to go to another country


  • We take care of your accommodation
  • We offer a competitive salary
  • We can help you arrange transport to your job. (Bus, bike rental)
  • We will help you to fill in all the papers you need to work legally in the Netherlands.
  • We are always there to help you out if you need anything

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